We're almost ready for you!

We've been working away at our permanent shop, which is next door to our pop-up shop that some of you might have seen. The contractors are finished for the most part, but now we're busy doing the floors, the painting and all the finish work ourselves. We'll be opening in our permanent home the middle of the month and can't wait to show it off to you. 

We want to thank AIC Construction guys Chuck and Andy for helping us through this. Then there are so many others to thank for their help and tireless efforts. Thanks to Tony, Nick, and Justin, and Haley, Claire and Ella. And then there's our team, Aliyah, Jazzmin and Maria. They're stylists on the weekends and laying flooring during the week. We couldn't do this without all of your help and appreciate every hammer tap, plank lined up and border glued. 

Here are some photos to share the journey with you.  

Stacy Blackwell