Wow! Our latest photo shoot is stunning!!

Forget the size 0 fashion models! At Uptown Bride, we're about real women looking gorgeous and feeling sexy, regardless of your size. You are beautiful and we know it and want to show it to the world. 

For our latest photo shoot and promotions for the NM Wedding Expo, we did a shoot with Christina from Blue Rose Photography's good friend Kristy. She's a curvy, plus size girl and simply gorgeous. We worked in the studio at Blue Rose with Sandy (from Blue Rose) and Aliyah (from Uptown Bride fame) to get the shots. 

Christina shot more than 1,000. You'll be seeing several of them. And we know that you'll be delighted by what you see and how we're about promoting and dressing women - real women - to feel and look amazing!

Stacy Blackwell