BEST Bridal Shop around! They truly care about their customers and take the extra steps to ensure that you have the best experience while searching for the gown of your dreams!
— Cassandra A.

Choosing your Stylist

At Uptown Bride, we work at giving you an exceptional experience. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to be working with us. Sometimes connecting with someone who can work with you makes the experience more personal, more special. That's why we want to introduce our stylists. If you would like to request someone in particular to help you during your appointment, we want to make that happen for you. So take some time to meet them here and, let us know. We might not always be able to get you in with who you'd like, depending on schedules and things that can come up, but we'll try. We will try whatever we can to make this experience exceptional.

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Prefer to call us for an appointment?

Call (505) 318-0411. We're here from:
Wednesday - noon - 6 p.m.
Thursday - 2 - 6 p.m.
Friday - noon - 6 p.m.
Saturday - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday - noon - 6 p.m.
Or leave a message any other time and we'll get back to you.



Sure you can come in and look around. But in our bridal boutique, we believe this is a special time and you need to feel that. You need personalized attention from one of our stylists who can help you find the wedding gown that fits your budget and your body. We have limited dressing areas and want to make sure you can see yourself in your wedding dress without waiting. 


This is about you. It's your time and your friends time to help you celebrate. We know it's a family event, but kids take that focus away. We have kids - we know! And we're sad to say that we've had our share of kids in the boutique and learned some things:
1 - goldfish and white gowns don't mix
2 - dress racks aren't a safe place to play hide and seek
3 - other guests who have come in to celebrate don't like listening to kids playing or fighting or mom scolding or ...

For these reasons, we don't allow children younger than 12 in the boutique. Please make other plans for them and come in and relax and enjoy yourself. 


We'll have someone helping you get dressed - these gowns aren't like putting on a sun dress! They can be heavy and many have ties and buttons that you need help with. One of our team will help you into the dress. So, come in any way you'd like, and come in wearing whatever you don't mind your consultant seeing!


semi private areas.jpg

We'll have you talk to one of our team about what you see yourself walking down the aisle in, the theme or feeling you want from your wedding and reception, how you want others to see you and styles you like. Then your consultant will pick out several styles and dresses for you. She'll help you get into the dresses in your private dressing room and you can show your family or friends what you've found in our semi-private viewing areas, which seat about 4 guests. If you'd like a more intimate experience, we have a private viewing area, which seats up to 12, set up too. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, special, and we'll do our best to make this shopping a memorable experience.


PARKING: Park in front of the store (in between Pei Wei and Verizon) on the west side of Louisiana. If you can't find a place, there's bunches of parking at Total Wine. 

KIDS: We ask you to not bring your kids into the shop because that complicates matters. We have kids, so we know. You can't sit and relax if you or someone else is running after them. At our wedding salon, we want to focus on you alone.

WHO SHOULD I BRING?: It's hard making an emotion decision in front of a crowd. Bring those whose opinion you value and who haven't steered you wrong in what you're wearing. If you have too many opinions, then you're going to hurt someone's feeling when you don't pick their favorite. It should be a time for celebration, so bring those who will keep you upbeat and let you know how beautiful you really are. 


That’s fine, but we limit brides to 2 weekend appointments, and then you can make additional ones during the week. We do this because we fill up so frequently on the weekends. It’s not fair to the other brides to keep taking up times when they’d like to bring their guests, too.


Seats up to 12

private dressing room.jpg

Sharing this special time of finding the wedding gown is an emotional one. We have a private viewing area (your dressing room is always private!) that can seat up to 10-12 friends and family. We rent it in 2 hour increments and give you a place to celebrate. 

Call (505) 318-0411 OR EMAIL US to set up your appointment now.